Tech Ninja Masters (TNM) Village

Welcome to the Tech Ninja Masters (TNM) Village! We are a community of practice of new, regular, and old technology practitioners. The goal of the community is all about learning about tech ninja jutsu, mastering technology tools, processes, techniques, and technologies in a secure manner. There are several different types of tech ninja jutsu such as hardware, software, operating systems, coding, networking, and cyber security. The TNM community believes that learning is social in nature and people learn from masters through an apprenticeship model of learning. Learning is about how to become a tech ninja master and realize that learning is a process not about transferring a body of knowledge. There are different ranks in each jutsu:


  1. Novices:  Novices are trained and prepared for the life of a master ninja. They are not part of any team since they are just starting out but they work and earn their way to becoming a master ninja.
  2. Genin – Junior – Apprentice: Junior Ninjas continue to train to becoming a master and start participating in low level activities of a professional.
  3. Chunin – Journey – Middle Ninja: Middle ninjas have reached a level of skill and maturity to be able to lead missions. They are also at a level where they can become a teacher of the lower levels.
  4. Jonin – Master – Elite Ninja: Elite ninja continues to train and becomes a specialist in a specific area. Are sometimes sent on missions by themselves.
  5. Kage – Leader / Grand Master – Shadow: Shadows continue to train and is a title reserved for leader of the Tech Ninja Masters Village. A Kage oversees the activities of the village, organizes tech ninjas for missions, and making decisions for the better of the village.


Tech Ninjas are normally organized in teams and participate in missions and tasks for the village. Tech Ninja’s earn their way through the ranks and start at the rank of novice. As they learn and gain more experience, the Kage along with other Tech Ninjas will decide when one progresses onto the next rank.

Level Up

There will be a set of knowledge and skills that must be mastered at each level to move up the ranks. You can have different ranks depending upon the jutsu type. The community is in its infancy but I wanted to outline the vision. The focus right now is about sharing, learning, and participating in the activities of the community.

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