The Complete Guide to the Correct Mind of a Tech Ninja Master / Cybersecurity Specialist

Normally, when talking about becoming a cybersecurity specialist, the discussion is about the soft skills and technical skills needed to be successful. But, studying martial arts such as a ninja, there is also a training of the mind that needs to occur which is called the correct mind in ninjutsu. I argue that training the mind to be a cybersecurity specialist is as important as learning soft skills and technical skills.

This article is about learning what is means to have a correct mind and how to practice those principles in your life and work.

What is a Tech Ninja Master?

Tech Ninja Masters are the new breed of tech professionals who are fluent in both technology and cybersecurity. They know how to use technology to solve business problems creatively, efficiently, and effectively with agility and to protect businesses from cyber-attacks.

Those that are following the way of the tech ninja master is to be gentle, kind, act with righteous and justice, and reason from the heart. A tech ninja master should always tell the truth and be consistent. You should be trusting and act with sincerity.

The complete guide to the correct mind of a Tech Ninja Master / Cybersecurity Specialist is a guide for those who want to learn how to become a Tech Ninja Master. It is written by an experienced technologist and cybersecurity expert, Dr. M, who has been working, learning, teaching, coaching, consulting, writing, and creating innovative products, training, and services for over 40 years.

What is a Ninja?

The history of Ninja starts in the 16th century and has been a part of Japanese culture ever since.

It is not known when the word ‘Ninja’ first appeared in Japan, but it was used to describe those who were skilled in espionage and assassination. The word is believed to have come from the Chinese term “shinobi” meaning “to steal away” or “to conceal oneself.”

Ninjas became famous in Japan during the Tokugawa period (1603-1868), when they were hired by wealthy lords to perform various types of services such as reconnaissance, spying, surprise attacks, and assassinations.

The word ninja is derived from the two kanji characters \”nin\” meaning \”to endure\” and \”sha\” meaning \”person.\”

Ninja has been influencing pop culture for centuries and a big influence in this article. Instead of ninjutsu, in our modern world, we call it eJutsu, and for Ninja, we call the professional a Tech Ninja Master.

What is Ninjutsu?

Ninjutsu is the art of stealth and combat. It was developed in Japan by feudal lords to protect themselves from their enemies.

The movements are based on natural reactions, which makes it an effective fighting art. Ninjutsu focuses on the use of weapons such as swords, knives, and other sharp objects. The techniques are also used for self-defense and for attacking the opponent without being seen or heard.

This combat style requires a lot of physical strength and mental discipline since it is a martial art. Ninjas were warriors that would go into battle with their opponents in order to defeat them before they even knew what hit them.

What is eJutsu?

The eJutsu mindset is a philosophy that teaches the importance of being disciplined and prepared for any challenge that may come. eJustsu is both the mental, soft, and technical art a Tech Ninja Master utilizes in their work. A Tech Ninja Master delivers creative and innovative solutions with agility to customers and clients whether it involves people, processes, and/or technologies. There are a mental, soft, and technical skills side to the eJutsu art.

What are the 4 Pillars of the Correct Mind?

In the ninjutsu tradition, there are four pillars of the correct mind. They are a foundation for all things in life. These pillars apply to eJutsu also.

  • The first pillar is awareness or mindfulness. The goal of this pillar is to be aware of one\’s surroundings and oneself at all times.
  • The second pillar is self-control, which is about controlling one\’s impulses and desires.
  • The third pillar is concentration, which involves focusing on a single task without distraction from other thoughts or feelings.
  • And the fourth pillar is wisdom, which includes understanding one\’s own strengths and weaknesses as well as those of others.

These four pillars have been used by ninjas for centuries to help them develop their minds in order to become more effective fighters on the battlefield and in their everyday lives.

The Correct Mind of a Tech Ninja Master

Just like the Ninjutsu of feudal Japan, there is a correct mind of modern eJutsu. The correct mind of a Tech Ninja Master is a state of mind in which one is calm and accepting of any outcome. This mindset allows one to do anything with the correct attitude because there is no need for attachment to any outcome.

The principles of the correct mind of a Tech Ninja Master require discipline and a lifelong commitment to learning. The most important principle is to keep one\’s mind alive through continual learning and growth. By taking time to study and train, a Tech Ninja Master will never stagnate and be always up to date with their knowledge and skills. The second principle is to fulfill one\’s work as best as possible with agility. A tech ninja master should always be ready to meet any given challenge with agility, creativity, and innovation with a correct mind.

The different virtues of the correct mind are benevolence, loyalty, righteousness, and fidelity. The following sections talk about each virtue and how to practice them.


Benevolence is the practice of being kind, affectionate, and a disposition to do goodwill. The word benevolence comes from the Latin word “benevolentia” which means goodwill.

Practicing benevolence can be as simple acts of kindness such as smiling at someone, holding a door open for someone, or giving up your seat on a bus for someone. Also, paying it forward is a good act of benevolence.

Benevolence is being considerate, gentle, and charitable but always act justly and wisely.


Loyalty is the act of being faithful and devoted to someone, something, or a cause. Loyalty deserves to be given priority over everything else and without hesitation. Loyalty is as important an attribute as righteousness because they both contribute to one\’s character, but since nobody can\’t claim complete loyalty; the second-best thing after righteousness becomes loyalty.

You can practice loyalty through a variety of ways, such as showing up on time for work every day, being a team player, following company policies, staying current, putting constructive feedback into practice, giving your all in your job and never giving up.


Righteousness is an act or quality of doing what is right and just. We should practice righteousness in our lives by being honest, kind, and fair in all our dealings with others. Knowing what is right at any given moment is very important. Knowing when what is wrong at a given moment is also very important.

There are many ways to practice righteousness. The most common way is to maintain our integrity regardless of circumstances. You can also practice righteousness by being kind, honest, and just with other people and not causing harm to others or yourself.


Fidelity is a quality of consistency that has only truth and nothing false in the mind. Benevolence, righteousness, and loyalty should all contain fidelity at their core. It is important for tech ninja masters to act with integrity as much as possible because clients need to be able to trust them.

There are many ways to practice fidelity:

  • Be true to your word
  • Be consistent
  • Be true to everyone you love
  • Find truth
  • Search for insight
  • Know what and how you know


In this article, we explored what is the correct mind that you need to develop along with the soft and technical skills of a cybersecurity specialist.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments.

Dr. M

Dr. M

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